About the Museum

The Amsterdam Museum is a meeting place for anyone who wants to learn more about the city.

Amsterdam Museum
Amsterdam: a world city? Yes, but also small, quaint and strong-minded. Home to Johan Cruijff, Rembrandt, Ajax, the Red Light District, the Dutch East India Company and marijuana. The capital of the Netherlands. A 1000-year-old trading city that has a special relationship with water and a strong focus on entrepreneurship, creativity, citizenship and free-thinking. In the monumental Amsterdam Museum building you will discover the story of Amsterdam through a large number of masterpieces, such as an aerial map from the Middle Ages and Breitner's The Dam. See, read about, hear and experience how the city has developed in the Amsterdam Museum.

Amsterdam DNA
The Amsterdam DNA presentation offers a captivating, one-hour overview of the history of Amsterdam on the basis of interactive images, sounds, movement and specially selected objects.

For the children
The Little Orphanage is an attraction for children from the age of 4 to 12 This interactive presentation allows children and their parents to learn all about life in a 17th century orphanage.

The building
Since 1975 the Amsterdam Museum has been located in a spectacular building on the Kalverstraat, where in the Middle Ages Saint Lucien's Monastery was situated and in 1578 the City Orphanage (Burgerweeshuis) was established. The orphanage was home to thousands of children between 1580 and 1960, many of whom had lost their parents to the plague. The children also received an education here: the older boys attended school elsewhere in the city, while the girls received instruction within the orphanage and were trained in domestic skills. In memory of the time of the orphanage, the Regents' Room (Regentenkamer) and orphans' cupboards in the inner courtyard have been left intact and The Small Orphanage (Het Kleine Weeshuis), a family presentation where you can find out all about the world of Amsterdam's orphans, was established. The boys’ and girls' inner courtyards, where boys and girls played separately, also originate from that time.


The Amsterdam Gallery
The Amsterdam Gallery (before Schuttersgalerij), a covered street leading from Begijnensteeg to the museum, is one of the few freely accessible 'museum streets' in the world. Original group portraits, made between 1530 and [present day by artists such as Bartholomeus van der Helst and photographer Rineke Dijkstra, hang in the gallery. Even Goliath can be found here: our world famous 350-year-old wooden giant. please note: from mid-June to December 2018 the Amsterdam Gallery is home to the exhibition The Most Beautiful City.

And also
The Amsterdam Museum regularly organises temporary exhibitions, guided tours and events.

The Amsterdam Museum receives financial support from the BankGiro Lottery, the Netherlands Culture Lottery and the Amsterdam City Council.